A§H Clan Code of Conduct

A§H Clan Code of Conduct | Member Handbook

Published 9/24/2012 - Last updated 10/11/2012

Clan Founding:

The Armored Saints for Hire clan (also known as A§H clan) was founded on August 7th, 2012 by individuals who sought separation from their previous environments to build an organization offering a fun, entertaining, and unique gaming experience for it’s members and the Halo community.

Clan Hierarchy:

In order to maintain sovereignty over the A§H clan, the A§H clan is comprised of a meritocratic ranking system that places able bodied members in positions of power in the best interest of the clan. The clan ranks consist of the following:

  • Generals: The clan Generals are the diplomatic authority for the A§H clan. They handle the day-to-day operations of the clan including managing the servers, domain, forums, and members. Generals induct all new members and together make all major decisions for the clan.

  • Major: The clan Major's are the selected few clan admins who help with grunt work in the clan handed to them by Generals. Currently they're sitting ducks but they're excellent mentors for guidance in the clan. Contact a Major if a General isn't online and they can help you decide how to handle your problem.

  • Lieutenant: The clan Lieutenants are a handful of members with trusted privileges on the Halo servers to use RCon to enforce our server rules. They're experienced clan members that later on may be given more responsibilities such as forum moderating, group leadership, etc. As of right now they're mainly server administrators for the clan.

  • Privates, Corporals,Sergeants: The clan's Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants are the heart and soul of the A§H clan. Without our faithful and loyal Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants, we would be nothing like we are at this moment. Our Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants get to enjoy all the benefits of being in the clan including participation in clan games, clan discussions in the forums, and members only games. All Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants are eligible for a promotion at the discretion of a General.

Further promotions in the A§H clan are at the discretion of the clan Generals.

Clan Recruitment:

Players may join the A§H clan once a member of the Generals has inducted them into the clan. Interested players looking to join A§H may contact the Generals to join the clan by applying to the clan on it's website, or talking to a member of the Generals themselves.

To qualify as an applicant, you must be 14 years of age with Xfire installed and a valid CD key.

Applicants in the recruitment process may be required to take part in a 7-14 day evaluation period, where they're assigned a special pair of clan tags («A») and requested to show their activity and behavior to the membership committee by playing in our servers, posting in our forums, and interacting with our clan members. If all goes well, they will properly be inducted into the clan.

Under Construction

Once inducted, unless otherwise mentioned, all new members begin as a clan member under a 21 day trial period. In those 21 days, the Leadership of A§H reserves the right to remove the newly recruited member without notice or explanation.

No one may wear A§H clan tags (A§H») without formal induction into the clan by a clan leader. Anyone seen wearing A§H clan tags will be asked to remove the tags and properly apply to the clan, or further disciplinary action may be taken.

Clan Activity:

We desire fairly active members to join our ranks, but we understand when school, work, or other squabbles arise in a members daily life that can take away from their clan time for an extended period of time.

No worries, we just request our members to notify the Leadership by posting in the AFK section of the Members only forum so we're aware of what's going on and how long we can expect to see you inactive.

Failure to show clan activity after 60 days will result in removal from the A§H clan. It would be a shame to be removed from the clan due to inactivity, so we strongly encourage our members to post when they're in active so we can avoid such a dilemma.

Admins that fail activity checks will be stripped of their powers and demoted. Admins that declare themselves inactive for over 30 days will be honorably discharged by Leadership until 30 days following their return from inactivity.

Clan Communication:

The Leadership has configured an array of utilities to allow clan members and players of the Halo community to communicate and share the love of Halo with all of us. Utilities such as the clan forums and Xfire become more vital to clan members once they're inducted, and it's important each member makes use of such facilities to better coordinate with the remainder of the clan.

Our clan forums serve as the distributor of all clan information from the Leadership, so we request our members become active on our forums, post daily, and stay updated on all the latest news to prevent friction and hardship within the clan. Anything posted in the members only sections of the forums are to remain there, and not to be released unless granted permission by a clan leader.

Also, remaining on Xfire while in game is encouraged so members can be easily reached privately while they're in game so they're not disturbed in game. Xfire is required to join the A§H clan, so it's important to utilize it as a member of the clan.

Clan Standards:

We encourage all members of the A§H clan to uphold a set of standards to show each other and the players of the Halo community the true character of being a clan member. Such standards include honesty, trust, respect, commitment, dedication, and honor that we wish to see all clan members exercising in our servers, forums, and generally all around the clan environment.

By upholding these standards, we can ensure a strong bond of brotherhood among the A§H clan membership for years to come. Of course, there are some members that may struggle upholding our standards. These members will receive extra mentoring so they can continue to be a clan member.

Clan members should never handle problems between each other in clan servers, or in sight of the Halo community. We request all clan members to bring any problems to the attention of a clan leader so they can properly sort the situation out and suggest a course of action to solve the problems of troubled members.

Clan Discipline:

Members are required to adhere to our server rules and code of conduct at all times. Failure to do so may result in either temporary or permanent removal from the A§H clan. The discipline of clan members is the decision of the clan leadership, although count on permanent removal if you're found cheating or committing treason to the A§H clan.

The Leadership reserves the right to edit this code of conduct at any time without notice.


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